Sensitivity. Professionalism Until the last detail.


Comprehensive care

Day after day our motorcycles suffer wear from the use, so we care about all those small details that you do not see, but we keep in mind. We have the latest technology of high competition applied by professionals with an impeccable career.

  • Periodic reviews
  • Motorcycle reviews under official warranty
  • Preview and processing ITV inspection
  • You are about
  • Diagnosis
  • Chassis check with the QBS verification system
  • Tire service
  • Suspensions (maintenance and preparations)
  • Fast service (oil changes, replacement brake pads, etc.)
  • Brakes
  • Painting
  • Examinations and claims repair
  • Collection and delivery of motorcycles at home
  • …And a long etc.

Preparations for the most demanding.

The requirement is the order of the day in the circuits. Our pilots need to get the maximum power and the best performance, and if Bruno Performance is characterized by something, it is for offering this service with the utmost professionalism. Many years behind us at the top of international motorcycling, something that only some achieve with passion and dedication.

  • Specialists in preparation and evolution of 4T engines of all disciplines: speed (moto3, moto2, extreme stock, etc.), supermotard, motocross, enduro, carcross, CM’s, etc…
  • Own power bank for motorcycles, carcross, CM’s, quad and atv.
  • Design and adjustment of injection maps.
  • Assembly and test of competition accessories.
  • Development and manufacture of parts (CNC).
  • Welding work of all types of materials.
  • Suspensions: preparation and tuning.
  • Electronics: data acquisition, traction control, etc.

Maximum performance. Unbeatable technique.

We offer a comprehensive structural for the pilot, from the accommodation to his daily physical preparation, through his recovery with the best physiotherapists and the management of Social Networks. We have the best Sponsors to offer the best services. We have our own motorhome and a fully prepared structure for world championship teams.

  • Equipment with its own structure; trailer, vans, scooters, box, etc
  • Technical assistance and commissioning advice on races, test days and batches
  • Pilot assistance; custom workouts (physical and motorcycle), physical recovery and therapists
  • Comprehensive press communication service (press releases, photography, web, etc)
  • Possibility of accommodation for foreign pilot stays.

Wide options

The world of motorcycling is very wide, and although we are specialized in high competition and high performance fans, we also offer sales services on demand. We have the best brands and offer a comprehensive warranty and maintenance service.

  • Sale of all kinds of accessories and power parts.
  • Sale of new and used motorcycles (on demand).
  • Import of classic Japanese motorcycles and competition (on demand).
  • Inspection and verification of used vehicles.
  • Full restorations
  • Official distributors of the first brands in the market, ask us for a no obligation quote.

Official Sponsors

In order to offer maximum performance in the highest competition and to the most demanding customer with a street motorcycle, we have the best global brands as sponsors.